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About Us is commited to serving the East Side of the Big Island of Hawaii with much needed graphic design, printing services and marketing ideas.

Whether you have an existing design or idea, or need to start from scratch, we'll help you make your vision become a reality and help make you stand out among your competition. Types of design work and printing that we offer include logo design, banner and signage, t-shirts and garments, posters, stationary, and more!

One of our goals is to be able to provide you with the highest quality print media and materials at very competitive costs with quick turn-around times. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to constantly be on the lookout for today’s most innovative products, and work together with local suppliers that are also committed to helping our company achieve this goal.


Background of Company’s Owner, Founder and Manager:

Jast Hegerfeldt has been a fixture in the sign industry since 2001, and has served as a graphic designer and sign printer for a total of about nine years. This newly formed company,  is an avenue for Jast to continue to service the community in the same manner as he has in the previous years at his former employer.


 Ph: (808) 769-1805        Fax Toll Free: (866) 339-3490

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